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Residual Memory

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose work is shaped by my experiences as a Black man who is a first-generation immigrant from Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean. My artistic practice includes photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, and performance. My creative origins as a black and white analog photographer evolved over three decades of cross-disciplinary experimentation that has enriched the visual vocabulary of my practice. I experiment with different disciplines in search of a language beyond our traditional notions of a photograph. Painting and sculpture allow me to transcend the instantaneous moment fixed by a camera, a fraction of a second that makes us believe a narrow view of what it communicates. The mark-making that I achieve through painting and sculpture symbolically adds layers of experience and time in order to communicate the totality of the memory, which a photograph cannot do in isolation. It is the dialogue between disciplines that defines my process of mark-making on photographs. I mimic this process in my life as a way of pulling apart the layers of my experience.

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