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In the Blueprints series the 19th-century process cyanotype, originally used to reproduce architectural blueprints is used to signify the systematic ways in which institutions such as chattel slavery and the thirteenth amendment to the US constitution impact on prison incarcerations. These systems are far from static but mutate and evolve into contemporary forms. The use of this photographic process is central to the idea behind this body of work. It references the blueprint process but also the American musical idiom of the blues. A form that emerged from the sugar, rice, cotton and indigo plantations of the American South and the Caribbean region. It reflects the suffering as well as the resistance and redemptive spirit of the enslaved Africans and their descendants in verse. I don’t see the Blueprints as a mere tragedy but rather a reminder that from these systems emerged and continue to emerge individuals who provide counter narratives to what these institutions were intended for.

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